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Meet The League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Matt Doss, Alex Brown, Sparky Schmitt, Seth Hawker, Kyle Foster, Norman Aquillo & Brett Gill are The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, Danville’s most extraordinary cover band. Playing all your favorite hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and today (along with a few originals) TLoOG are available to entertain for your next birthday, baptism, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding, quinceañera, benefit, or backyard BBQ.

Meet the Band: Bio
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Matt Doss

Lead Singer

Matt Doss is the lead singer (and ocassional manager) of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen. Singing before he could even form sentences, Matt has always had a passion for music. He believes music is the one thing that binds everyone together, no matter who they are. It is the utmost form of communication, expression and love. Throughout High School, College and beyond, Matt honed his skills and developed his own technique in putting a unique and personal spin on all the songs the band covers. In his spare time, Matt jots down random thoughts in his notebook and turns them into song lyrics or stand up comedy bits. Also, he annoys his bandmates by adding new songs to the setlist mere minutes before their shows. Matt lives in a house filled with hopes, dreams, Office memorabilia & "nerd crap" all over the walls. 

Joseph "Sparky" Schmitt

Harmonica/ Vocals

Spark Schmitt first arrived on Earth at a military base in Missouri. Since then he has learned many things and has avoided learning many other things. Spark is the harmonica player and background vocalist for TLoOG. His influences include Howlin' Wolf, Junior Wells, Paul Butterfield, Paul Reubens, hot and sour soup, Bill Withers, Mel Blanc, the first five seasons of Saturday Night Live, Douglas Adams, and Tom Waits. He lives with his wife Syndi* in rooms full of books and art supplies and harmonicas (because creating keeps the monsters asleep) and is very happy to be an Ordinary Gentleman.
*(along with Shady, Felix, P.J., Leopold, Eden, Snickerdoodle, and O.J., some of whom are children and some of whom are cats.)


Seth Hawker


"Greetings and assorted salutations!"
Seth Hawker is the drummer and background vocalist for the League of Ordinary Gentlemen!  Born and bred in Danville, VA, Seth has been banging on things with sticks since he was a wee lad. He loves most styles of music, with a particular interest in rock and country (modern country excluded). Seth grew up listening to great music courtesy of his parents and music has always been a great escape valve for him. "I could be having the crummiest of days and then a song comes on the radio and I’m re-energized!"
Seth was recently married to his beautiful wife Hannah and, in doing so, gained a wonderful pet Labrador named Toby! He loves them more than anything and they are excited to share in this musical venture with him! He looks forward to growing and evolving with the band!

Alex Brown


Est. 2019, Alex Brown is the lead/rhythm guitarist for the League of Ordinary Gentlemen. He started playing music in middle school and also in high school in the marching band and  percussion ensemble. After high school, he went to school in Memphis, TN to study music and improve his skills as a musician. Alex’s musical background includes blues, soul, rock, and occasionally jazz (if you’re into that kind of thing).  Influences include such artists as:  Stevie Ray Vaughn, Wes Montgomery, Eddie Van Halen, Johnny Lang, and Kenny Wayne Sheppard. For him, playing music is an escape from reality to a place where all your troubles seem to disappear and all that’s left is the joy you seek in life.


Kyle Foster


Kyle Foster is excited to be a member of League of Ordinary Gentlemen on bass and backing vocals. Born and raised in Yanceyville, NC, he has loved music since a young age, and first began learning guitar at 15. His passions led him to UNC-Asheville where he majored in classical guitar performance, and began learning other instruments, including bass. Upon returning home and finding more of a need for bass players in the area, Kyle concentrated his efforts on bass and began performing with classic rock cover bands. In addition to L.O.O.G, Kyle stays involved in other projects, including his acoustic duo Kyle & Kristy, performing solo, and working as a guitar & bass instructor. His biggest influences on bass include Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, and John Paul Jones."

Norman Aquilo

Acoustic Guitar

Asian guy, born in America. Like's Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.


Brett Gill


Brett Gill is a rhythm guitarist and drummer for The LoOG. He started taking private drum lessons from instructor Gary Jaye at the age of 10. He continued to study music in high school, playing snare and tenor drums in marching band, and playing drum set for jazz ensemble. While playing drums with The James Garland Band, he taught himself guitar. He continued to study music and percussion at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Brett is a well versed percussionist, and can play all styles of music on the drums while blues and rock music influence his guitar playing. His day job as the local mail carrier has earned him the nickname "the singing mailman." 

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